20 Insanely Great Radiohead Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Revisit key deep cuts, B-sides and live-only gems that could end up on group's ninth LP

"Identikit" (2012)

"Identikit" was one of three still-unreleased songs — along with "Cut a Hole" and "Ful Stop" — that Radiohead debuted during their tour in support of The King of Limbs, with the band performing the track nearly three dozen times over the course of their trek.

The twisty, hypnotic cut, one of the funkiest tracks in the band's catalog, boasts guitarist Ed O'Brien's most prominent vocal work, which stays in perfect sync with Yorke throughout the knotty verses that lead into the chaotic chorus.

"Identikit" was also one of the two tracks that Radiohead laid down at Jack White's Third Man Records prior to their 2012 headlining performance at Bonnaroo. However, the band was reportedly unhappy with the finished product, and "Identikit" remains a TKOL tour relic barring inclusion on the upcoming Radiohead LP. D.K.

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