20 Insanely Great Radiohead Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Revisit key deep cuts, B-sides and live-only gems that could end up on group's ninth LP

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"Go Slowly" (2007)

For any other band, this would be one of their crowning achievements. For Radiohead, it's basically a sketch that accidentally struck gold. Too half-formed to earn a place on LP, but too haunting to be left on the cutting room floor forever, this spare stunner from the In Rainbows sessions unfolds like a distant cousin of "Exit Music (for a Film)." "Go Slowly" is rooted in a profound despair of some kind, and its only escape is to dig further down. "I didn't care/But now I can see that there's a way out ...," Yorke croons, like he's calling to death itself as his voice sinks beneath a quicksand of feedback to end one of the most beautifully disconcerting songs that the band has ever recorded. D.E.

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