20 Insanely Great Radiohead Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Revisit key deep cuts, B-sides and live-only gems that could end up on group's ninth LP

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"Fog" (2001)

It may not share the vaunted reputation of "True Love Waits" or "Talk Show Host," but this fuzzy, slow-building Amnesiac castoff is one of Radiohead's greatest B-sides. It begins with some heavily garbled synth notes that rumble like the sound waves of an old radio transmission returning to Earth. When Yorke's voice eventually pierces through, it arrives with such a sudden clarify and closeness that it feels like he's singing directly into your ear. It's pretty much one big crescendo from there: The drums start to chug, Colin Greenwood begins mashing a tambourine, and a full-blown jam blooms around the fittingly opaque lyrics about NYC folklore and an unspecified child going bad. Rolled out in concerts on the rare occasions when the mood strikes, "Fog" is an emotionally unresolved crash course in what this band does best. D.E.

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