20 Insanely Great Radiohead Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

Revisit key deep cuts, B-sides and live-only gems that could end up on group's ninth LP

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"Faust Arp" (2007)

A 130-second song that's often dismissed as the interstitial ditty sandwiched between In Rainbows favorites "All I Need" and "Reckoner," this dense and richly orchestrated track is a far more crucial cut than its brevity might suggest. Balancing the intimacy of a lullaby with the passive-aggressiveness of a lovers' spat, "Faust Arp" finds Yorke cooing tightly coiled verses about taxidermy and resentment over a gentle tide of strings that make the whole song sound as though it's inexorably flowing downstream. But Jonny Greenwood is the secret ingredient here, his nimble acoustic guitar lending Yorke's vocals the support they need to get away with lines like "You've got a head full of feathers/You're gonna melt into butter." D.E.

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