20 Insanely Great Genesis Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

A journey through the hidden corners of the band's discography – from high-concept prog gems to forgotten pop-rock B-sides

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"The Carpet Crawlers 1999"

"The Carpet Crawlers" first appeared as the emotional centerpiece of Genesis' 1974 double-LP, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. It's the album's most visually vivid piece (with frontman Peter Gabriel layering imagery of massive wooden doors and spiraling staircases), a true sing-along moment surrounded by ambitious experimentation. It's also one of Gabriel's favorite Genesis songs – but since he left the band after the Lamb tour, Phil Collins wound performing it hundreds of times himself. 

This updated version – recorded in 1995 but shelved until the release of 1999's Turn It On Again: The Hits – brings that story full circle, allowing Gabriel and Collins to intertwine their soulful voices in a contemporary arrangement. Producer Trevor Horn frames their vocals with subtle electronic programming, and little else – it almost functions like a Gabriel-Collins collaboration instead of a Genesis track. (Steve Hackett has infamously expressed disappointment that his guitar parts were under-utilized.) Quibbles aside, "The Carpet Crawlers 1999" remains a profound coda to one of rock's most singular arcs.