20 Insanely Great Eminem Tracks Only Hardcore Fans Know

Shady's sickest underground hits, for true fans only

Soul Intent, "Unrealistically Graphic" (1992)

As a high school teenager in Detroit, the rapper then known as M&M joined forces with Chaos Kid to form Soul Intent. As part of the Bassmint Productions crew, the duo recorded several demo cassettes that are now as rare as hen's teeth — if you want a copy of 1995's "F#@!in' Backstabber" cassingle, it will set you back about $560 on Discogs. "Unrealistically Graphic" is from 1992's Still in the Bassmint — it's definitely amateur hour, but Em's already displaying his twisted sense of humor, promising that, uh, "I'll do you like laundry." Eminem's collaborator Chaos Kid committed suicide in 2011.