20 Insanely Great David Bowie Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

A deep dive into the Thin White Duke's catalog, beyond "Space Oddity" and "Heroes"

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5. "Thursday's Child"

By October 1999 David Bowie had released so many disappointing albums in a row that not many people sat up and took notice with he came out with Hours…, a rather remarkable return to form. Gone were all attempts to seem cutting edge, and instead he simply focused on assembling 10 great songs. The best track is the very first one, "Thursday's Child." The title was taken from a book that Eartha Kitt published in 1956. The album never rose above Number 47 on the United States Billboard chart. This was the height of Britney Spears, Korn and the Backstreet Boys. Bowie seemed like a fossil of a fossil, though over the next few years he'd re-team with Tony Visconti for two albums that were impossible to ignore.

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