20 Insanely Great David Bowie Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

A deep dive into the Thin White Duke's catalog, beyond "Space Oddity" and "Heroes"

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8. "Teenage Wildlife"

When the 1980s began, Bowie started fearing that his time on top might be coming to an end. New Wave artists like Gary Numan were winning over huge fan bases and some saw Bowie as a dinosaur. He lashed out at the imitators on "Teenage Wildlife," perhaps the greatest song on Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps). He didn't try hard to hide his feelings on the lyrics. "A broken-nosed mogul are you," he wrote. "One of the new wave boys/Some old thing in brand new drag." He ultimately describes himself as a "group of one" and dismisses the new generation as "same old thing in a brand new drag." Ouch.

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