20 Insanely Great David Bowie Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

A deep dive into the Thin White Duke's catalog, beyond "Space Oddity" and "Heroes"

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1. "Hallo Spaceboy" (Pet Shop Boys remix)

In many ways, the 1990s were David Bowie's lost years. After decades of creating trends, he suddenly seemed behind the times — right as people he inspired, like Trent Reznor, completely took over the airwaves. It also seemed like the harder he tried, the worse he failed, especially when he reunited with former producers Nile Rodgers and Brian Eno. One very notable exception was "Hallo Spaceboy" from 1995's largely dreary Outside. The original has a strong Nine Inch Nails vibe, and the song got even better when the Pet Shop Boys got their hands on it. They made it danceable, and even sprinkled in a bit of "Space Oddity." Not many people were paying attention and the song didn't do very well, but there's a reason it was one of the few 1990s songs he kept in his set list after the turn of the millennium.

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