20 Insanely Great David Bowie Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

A deep dive into the Thin White Duke's catalog, beyond "Space Oddity" and "Heroes"

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10. "Fantastic Voyage"

There's no such thing as a bad David Bowie record from the 1970s. He was absolutely on fire from the start of that decade to the very end. That said, the weakest of the great records is 1979's Lodger. He'd been working like a maniac for so many years it's easy to understand that he was a little tapped. The opening track, "Fantastic Voyage," was co-written with Brian Eno and addresses the various players in the escalating Cold War. It's the best track on the album, and it features King Crimson's Adrian Belew on mandolin. "Loyalty is valuable," Bowie sings. "But our lives are valuable too." Bowie resurrected the song in 2003 just as a hot war was kicking off between America and Iraq.

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