20 Insane Music Pranks and Hoaxes

From Adele impersonating an impersonator to Sabbath scaring each other s--tless

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The Dwarves Fake a Band Member's Death
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty8/20

The Dwarves Fake a Band Member's Death

Punk reprobates the Dwarves developed a rabid cult following in the early Nineties, as well as a reputation for engaging in debauched, taste-defying behavior both on and off the stage. In 1993, the band pushed the envelope a step further by faking the death of guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named, getting their label Sub Pop to send out an official press release claiming that the musician had met his demise as the result of a stabbing in Philadelphia and dedicating their latest album to his memory. But when the truth emerged that the guitarist was, in fact, alive and well, the folks at Sub Pop angrily booted the Dwarves off the label.

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