20 Insane Music Pranks and Hoaxes

From Adele impersonating an impersonator to Sabbath scaring each other s--tless

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Kiss vs. Rush
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Kiss vs. Rush

While it's fairly commonplace for bands to prank each other onstage, especially on the final night of a long tour, the epic June 7th, 1975 prank battle between Kiss and tour openers Rush was a particularly messy one. According to Ken Sharp's Nothing to Lose, the members of Kiss kicked things off by invading the stage in full costume during the last song of Rush's set, and pelting Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart with cream pies, string cheese and silly string, making the stage so slippery that Lee nearly wiped out several times, and it rendered the band's instruments nearly unplayable. Rush responded by putting limburger cheese in front of all of Kiss' onstage fans, causing the air to smell particularly pungent during the latter's set. Then, dressed in Native American garb, Lee, Lifeson and Peart returned to the stage to fling cream pies and shoot rubber arrows at Kiss. "We got them back," recalled Lifeson. "But ours was just a little battle and theirs was like a war. They really annihilated us."

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