20 Insane Music Pranks and Hoaxes

From Adele impersonating an impersonator to Sabbath scaring each other s--tless

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Joe Walsh's Chainsaw Massacre
Brad Elterman/Getty12/20

Joe Walsh's Chainsaw Massacre

Joe Walsh not only brought an additional burst of rock & roll energy to the Eagles when he joined the multi-platinum band in late 1975, he also brought a chain saw. Schooled in the art of hotel room trashing by the Who's Keith Moon, Walsh would use the power tool to enlarge rooms that were too small for his taste into "grand suites." Walsh also once used the chain saw to shorten all the legs of the furniture in the hotel room of Eagles manager Irving Azoff (pictured at center), thus bringing it all down to a "more manageable" height for the 5-foot-3 executive. Azoff retaliated by having all of the furniture in Walsh's room nailed to the ceiling.

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