20 Insane Music Pranks and Hoaxes

From Adele impersonating an impersonator to Sabbath scaring each other s--tless

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Getting Pissed With the Ramones
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Getting Pissed With the Ramones

John Lydon wound up on the receiving end of a "hidden bodily fluids" gag on July 4th, 1976, when the Sex Pistols frontman went backstage at London's Roundhouse to pay his respects to the Ramones, who had just finished playing their first-ever U.K. gig. "The Ramones always put a few drops of piss in anything they give to their guests as a little joke," the late Dee Dee Ramone told Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain in their oral history book, Please Kill Me. "Johnny Ramone was very friendly to Johnny Rotten when they met. He shook his hand, patted him on the back and asked him if he wanted a beer. Ha ha ha." Rotten reportedly downed the tainted beverage in a single gulp.

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