20 Insane Music Pranks and Hoaxes

From Adele impersonating an impersonator to Sabbath scaring each other s--tless

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Bob Dylan's Motorcycle Crash

Bob Dylan's Motorcycle Crash

While it's well-established that Bob Dylan did have a motorcycle accident in Woodstock, New York, on the morning of July 29th, 1966, the true nature of his injuries have been the subject of speculation for nearly 50 years. It was rumored at the time that he was near death, or permanently brain damaged; Dylan himself has variously claimed he suffered anywhere from one to several broken vertebrae, though he apparently sought out a local doctor for treatment instead of going to a nearby hospital. Whatever actually happened, it's clear that the accident offered Dylan a convenient excuse to get off the frantic treadmill of fame and retreat, at least for a few years, into a more bucolic existence. Still, he continues to change the story — and his assertion to Rolling Stone in 2012 that he'd been "transfigured" by the accident (and that it was somehow linked to a fatal 1964 motorcycle crash suffered by a Hell's Angel named Bobby Zimmerman) could well be another classic Dylan put-on.

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