20 Hugely Popular Musicians Who Haven't Gotten Famous in America (Yet)

Superstars abroad, these artists haven't made much of a dent in the USA

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X Japan
Han Myung-Gu/WireImage20/20

X Japan

It's not every day that a band you probably never heard of headlines a concert at Madison Square Garden. Yet, this October, Japanese heavy metal act X Japan will perform at the World's Most Famous Arena. Formed in 1982 by singer Toshi and drummer Yoshiki, X Japan – or just X in Japan; X of Los Angeles fame claimed that letter here – cultivated a huge audience in their homeland thanks to their amalgamation of spacey heavy metal and glam rock. The band released five albums – including the landmark 1989 LP Blue Blood – before disbanding in 1997. While they didn't reach the mainstream here, X Japan created an American cult following large enough that – after reuniting in 2007 – they were able to stage a concert at MSG. Recently, the revitalized X Japan inked a new recording deal, so they might still cross over yet.