20 Hugely Popular Musicians Who Haven't Gotten Famous in America (Yet)

Superstars abroad, these artists haven't made much of a dent in the USA

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Suzi Pratt/FilmMagic13/20


Sometimes, American artists fail to leave an impression on their home soil but become superstars abroad. Such is the story of Rodriguez. The 2012 documentary Searching for Sugar Man tells the story of the enigmatic Detroit folk-rocker and his lasting popularity in South Africa, where Rodriguez was uttered in the same sentence as the Beatles. However, South Africans had no idea about Rodriguez's back story and whereabouts. Rodriguez spent decades in his native Michigan flirting with poverty, all the while – and unbeknownst to the singer – fame and wealth were on waiting on the other side of the Atlantic. Since the release of the film, Rodriguez has finally attained a measure of American success. 

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