20 Hugely Popular Musicians Who Haven't Gotten Famous in America (Yet)

Superstars abroad, these artists haven't made much of a dent in the USA

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Buju Banton
Jemal Countess/WireImage3/20

Buju Banton

By now, you've may have heard of Buju Banton thanks more to his criminal activities than his music. One of Jamaica's premier dancehall artists, Banton was sentenced in 2011 to ten years in prison on a variety of drug trafficking and firearm possession charges. Prior to that, Banton was a top-selling (albeit controversial) reggae artist who collaborated with the likes of Busta Rhymes, Rancid, and Wyclef Jean. Just when Banton was about to finally break through in America – his 2010 LP Before the Dawn won a Grammy for Best Reggae Album – he was busted in Miami for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. However, many consider the charges against Banton and the conviction "bogus"; essentially, a government informant roped Banton into the situation, and the trial itself was rife with misconducts. Even famed Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree has taken up Buju's cause, so Banton may be able to resume his music career before his prison sentence ends in 2019.

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