Pot Sounds: The 20 Greatest Weed-Themed Songs of All Time

From Dylan and the Beatles to Afroman and Snoop – with a little bit of Willie sprinkled on top – the best songs for stoners of all stripes

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The Mighty Diamonds, "Pass the Kouchie" (1981)

First recorded by Jamaican harmony trio the Mighty Diamonds, "Pass the Kouchie" is better known as "Pass the Dutchie," by the British kiddie-reggae group Musical Youth, who rode their version to MTV success in 1982. In addition to the cleaned-up title – the judge in a later copyright case noted that "Kouchie" was slang for a "pot in which marijuana is kept," while "Dutchie" was, in Jamaican patois, a "Dutch stewing pot" – the Musical Youth version also scrubbed any marijuana references from the verses, replacing the line "How does it feel when you got no herb?" with "How does it feel when you got no food?" The result? An international hit. Said Mighty Diamonds singer Fitzroy "Bunny" Simpson, "Before [Musical Youth] put it out they called us [and said] that they'd made a re-version of 'Pass the Kouchie.' Because we never got justice and they said they were going to do justice – and they got the justice!"

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