Pot Sounds: The 20 Greatest Weed-Themed Songs of All Time

From Dylan and the Beatles to Afroman and Snoop – with a little bit of Willie sprinkled on top – the best songs for stoners of all stripes

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Cypress Hill, "Hits From the Bong" (1993)

Cypress Hill may be more closely associated with the NORML lifestyle than any other rap group – they even launched a 4/20 music festival that lasted several years in the early 2000s. Yet amidst a welter of smoker's classics like "Stoned Is the Way of the Walk" and "Dr. Greenthumb," only "Hits from the Bong" captures that slightly dopey, somewhat enlightened buzz one gets when they take a big rip. "We always smoked a bong, being around rock & roll fools," DJ Muggs, who weaved the bubbling sounds of bong water with a loop from Dusty Springfield's "Son of a Preacher Man" for the track, told Complex in 2013.

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