20 Great Iggy Pop Collaborations

Bowie, Ke$ha and opera: The wild one's best team-ups

The Stooges, "I Wanna Be Your Dog" (feat. John Cale) (1969)

Stooges manager Danny Fields tapped Lou Reed's former foil in the Velvet Underground to oversee the band's debut album, which proved an inspired choice. Cale contributed some brilliant musical touches: That's his persistently thudding piano and haunting sleigh bells on "I Wanna Be Your Dog," and his viola provides the drone around which the 10-minute "We Will Fall" ebbs and flows. Even more importantly, Cale's insight into the group's dynamics enabled him to coax an almost professional performance from the sloppy punks. "He spotted that the guys didn't play as well if I wasn't dancing around," Iggy later recalled. "They just don't. My guess is that there's something about it that they find profoundly embarrassing and for that reason it's titillating and it removes barriers somehow... The more I dance, the more their heads go down and stare at their toes, and the better they played. But it was exhausting. Fucking exhausting."