20 Great Iggy Pop Collaborations

Bowie, Ke$ha and opera: The wild one's best team-ups

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"Play It Safe" (feat. Simple Minds) (1980)

While Iggy was recording Soldier at Rockford Studios in rural Wales, he and Bowie decided they needed a bloke-y chorus to sing "I want to be a criminal/Play it safe" in the style of a football chant. At the same time, a fledgling Scottish New Wave group was also recording at Rockford, which is how Simple Minds got to guest on an Iggy Pop track. "In his diplomatic way, Bowie said, 'Why don't the people who sing professionally step nearer the microphone, and those who don't step well back?" Simple Minds lead singer Jim Kerr later told Mojo. "That's how I came to find myself sandwiched between David Bowie and Iggy Pop, singing that song." Speaking of sandwiches, the sessions also completely upended Kerr's expectations regarding Bowie's diet: "I remember David Bowie eating a lot of cheese and thinking, I didn't think David Bowie would be a cheese-eating guy."

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