20 Great Iggy Pop Collaborations

Bowie, Ke$ha and opera: The wild one's best team-ups

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"Love Transfusion" (feat. Alice Cooper) (1989)

Iggy goes hair metal! Pop met Alice Cooper back in the Stooges days when they were front men for two of the wildest bands on the Detroit scene. By the late Eighties, the rock veterans realized they might be in a position to help each other out. Cooper passed along this collaboration with hard rock song doctor Desmond Child, adding some highly recognizable backing vocals, and Iggy found himself on the soundtrack to Wes Craven's Shocker. "Love Transfusion" was not a hit, but its all-too-Eighties production – saxophone, a synth part like the boing of an electronic bed spring, a wanky guitar solo from hired gun Guy Mann-Dude– offers a weirdly compelling snapshot of what Iggy Pop thought a hit record might sound like in the George H.W. Bush era.

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