20 Great Iggy Pop Collaborations

Bowie, Ke$ha and opera: The wild one's best team-ups

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John Moran, 'The Manson Family: An Opera' (1990)

Iggy began a second career as an actor in the Eighties, which seemed like a natural enough progression. He started with walk-ons in Sid & Nancy and The Color of Money; and, if you were born in the Eighties, you probably knew him better as Nona's dad on The Adventures of Pete & Pete than the self-slashing hedonist behind "Search and Destroy." But in his most unusual role, Pop became an opera star. The Manson Family was the second opera written by Philip Glass protégé John Moran, and it featured Iggy as "the Prosecutor," a.k.a. Vincent Bugliosi, the man who not only became famous in the Seventies for squaring off against Charles Manson in the courtroom but who also wrote the best-selling book Helter Skelter.

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