20 Great Iggy Pop Collaborations

Bowie, Ke$ha and opera: The wild one's best team-ups

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"Candy" (feat. Kate Pierson) (1990)

Iggy was inspired to write his only Top 40 hit after reminiscing about his teenage girlfriend, Betsy, and realizing that the complexity of their relationship could only be captured as a duet. "I thought, 'Let's be fair. Let the girl have her say,'" he said in an interview at the time. To articulate Betsy's side, he called in Kate Pierson of the B-52's, a group that had recently become bigger than ever with the success of "Love Shack." "I wanted a girl who would sing with a small-town voice," Iggy explained, "and Kate has a little twang in her voice that sounds slightly rural and naive." The contrast between Iggy's gruff, rich baritone and Pierson's sassy retro cool is slightly comic but ultimately poignant – and when her voice disintegrates into a glitter bomb of joy on the climactic "Can-daaaaaay," it's transcendent.

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