20 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2016's Weekend Two

Dr. Dre, Prince tributes and more

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Best Daytime Abrasion: Autolux
Photograph by The1point82/20

Best Daytime Abrasion: Autolux

Autolux is a Los Angeles-based trio who brought some real indie-rock danger into the desert heat. The temperature in the Gobi Tent couldn't have been higher and the crowd could have been a lot bigger, but the band delivered with the subtlety of broken glass, as singer-bassist Eugene Goreshter and guitarist-singer Greg Edwards thrashed and leaned into the groove. There were moments of swirly Sonic Youth-sized noise and fury as Goreshter interrupted his vocal to swing his bass wildly, knocking over his mic and pressing his instrument against his amp for a squeal of feedback. When drummer Carla Azar began singing "The Science of Imaginary Solutions," it was in a voice high and soft until the band erupted again with a crash of noise.

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