20 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2015's Weekend Two

Old punks, new country stars and fresh wax: the greatest sets we didn't catch during Weekend One

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Best Unexpected Act: Sir Mix-A-Lot

Best Unexpected Act: Sir Mix-A-Lot

"Who the fuck let Sir Mix-A-Lot into Coachella?" The rapper was wondering himself, as he stepped onstage at the fest's sponsored Heineken House, where brews and additional dance floor action was added to the Coachella mix, including a set by the rock- heavy DJ Vice. Among the Saturday lineup for Week Two: Sir Mix-A-Lot, the Seattle-based rapper who had a Number One hit in 1992 with "Baby Got Back." Standing in silhouette, the man of the hour put on his fedora and rocked the house with old school beats and self-deprecation, including his description of once suffering from "SRS — Stupid Rapper Shit," spending over $100,000 for a car with his first big royalty check while his house still had roaches. "I'm what you call an old motherfucker," said Mix-A-Lot, now 51. He was tough and playful, bringing up a half-dozen young women onstage to dance during his big hit about big butts and "Heine's."

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