20 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2015's Weekend Two

Old punks, new country stars and fresh wax: the greatest sets we didn't catch during Weekend One

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Best Permanent Fixture: Vintage Punk

Best Permanent Fixture: Vintage Punk

While Coachella is known for collecting a wide range of contemporary rock, hip-hop, soul and more for its roster every year, traditional punk maintains a special place. The bands raging during daylight hours Weekend Two included the Cribs, who appeared in the Gobi tent Sunday in frayed cutoffs and fused feedback to melody. Bad Religion hit the main stage, facing 91-degree heat as a large-scale moshpit erupted in front of the Los Angeles band, who began as teenagers in 1979. With anthemic punk rock songs dating from their beginnings up to 2013's True North album, frontman Greg Graffin wore black and raged through the hits "21st Century Digital Boy, " "Infected" and  "Sorrow" to some seriously jagged guitar lines. Before starting "Generator, " Graffin said, "We're feeling festive tonight," and described the song half-seriously as "a tearjerker, so girls lean on someone next to you. Some of you guys need it too."

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