20 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2015's Weekend Two

Old punks, new country stars and fresh wax: the greatest sets we didn't catch during Weekend One

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Best Late Arrival: George Ezra

Best Late Arrival: George Ezra

Fans hoping to see the young singer-songwriter George Ezra during Week One of Coachella were disappointed when the British musician missed his plane. He finally made it to a packed Mojave tent stage this weekend as a welcome cool breeze blew through the tent. "I was under the impression we were playing a venue the size of a Porta-Loo," he joked, marveling at the size of his crowd. Dressed simply in jeans and a black T-shirt, he performed his "Song 6" and recalled a month-long train journey through Europe, during which he planned to write songs on his guitar. He hardly touched the guitar but came home with a head full of observations, leading to the searching lyrics and cascading guitar melody of "Barcelona. " Ezra and the band got darker and noisier on "Spectacular Rival," a smoldering rocker that had the singer asking in low, dramatic tones, "Your majesty, why you got it in for me?" It was evidence that this likable romantic can also burn with rage.

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