20 Best Things We Saw at Coachella 2015's Weekend Two

Old punks, new country stars and fresh wax: the greatest sets we didn't catch during Weekend One

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Best Coachella Kick-Off: Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

Best Coachella Kick-Off: Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

"I think my guitar is fucking melting in the sun!" declared Sean Lennon at high noon Friday in Indio. His band Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger were one of the very first that fans saw at Week Two of Coachella 2015, performing psychedelic folk rock of real energy and grace. Bearded and wearing a floppy hat at center-stage, Lennon led the band with his girlfriend, singer-bassist Charlotte Kemp Muhl, playing organic, mind-expanding rock in the classic mode. Muhl had flowers in her hair and a spiky collar around her neck for the occasion, trading vocals with Lennon, including the title song from their 2014 album Midnight Sun. Facing the bright sunlight with good humor, Lennon said, "Sorry we don't have our light show. But our lasers and our rockets got help up at the border." It was a great way to begin a great weekend.

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