20 Best Second Albums of All Time

If at first you don't succeed – or even if you do – try, try again: Here are the best follow-ups in history

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The Stooges, 'Fun House' (1970)
Courtesy of Elektra Records17/20

17. The Stooges, 'Fun House' (1970)

Is this where punk rock comes from or where it goes when it dies? Until the final anarchic collapse of "L.A. Blues," the riffs and grooves of Fun House zoom along with taut aggression, an occasional sax darting like a suicidal rush-hour motorcyclist between lanes. But frontman Iggy Pop doesn't let you harness that music's power for your own fantasies of dominance. He stalks listeners as victims, prancing along the music's edge, clubbing you with a feral yowl then stroking you with a rubbery murmur, teaching you the subtle pleasures of being the stunned mouse batted between a cat's paws.

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