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20 Best Second Albums of All Time

If at first you don't succeed – or even if you do – try, try again: Here are the best follow-ups in history

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Black Sabbath, 'Paranoid' (1970)
Courtesy of Vertigo Records13/20

13. Black Sabbath, 'Paranoid' (1970)

Their self-titled debut not even a year old, these spooky Brits were already dredging up sludgy new ingredients for their post-blooze mud pies. Tony Iommi's opening fillip on the title track is the perfect anticipatory set-up for the frenzied Ozzy Osbourne psycho-rant that follows, and "Iron Man" is forged around a riff that seems less a human invention and more a mathematical inevitability awaiting discovery – the heavy metal equivalent of the quadratic equation.

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