20 Best Reissues of 2014

The Beatles in mono, Led Zep's alternate takes, history's greatest bootleg and more of the year's best boxes rereleases and excavations

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The Beatles, 'The Beatles'

2. The Beatles, 'The Beatles'

Dense, eclectic and fractious, wrapped in an enigmatic snow-white sleeve, the Beatles' longest studio album was the last to be mixed by them in mono and issued that way, although only in Britain. Finally available in that form, on vinyl, in the U.S., "The White Album" retains its capacity for surprise, discovery and intimacy, especially in this vintage warmth. The concentrated vertigo of the guitars and John Lennon's singing in "Dear Prudence"; the balled-up bar-band punch of "Birthday"; the heightened tenderness of the acoustic ballads: The 1968 mono mix was the way the Beatles wanted to hear themselves. In that sense, this remastered vinyl reissue is the definitive edition.

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