20 Best R&B Albums of 2016

Frank Ocean, Solange, Alicia Keys and more

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NxWorries, 'Yes Lawd!'

15. NxWorries, 'Yes Lawd!'

Anderson Paak's acclaimed Malibu is a smorgasbord of styles, but this side project with beat tape aficionado Knxwledge burrows in on a singular, ear-worming sound. Yes Lawd! centers on raspy-voiced pimp boasts and gangsta leanin' soul samples that Knx loops, chops and sautés into minute-long bursts of inspiration. "Baby get your shit together, we hittin' the town," sings Paak on "Wings." "I hope I never have to cut you off," he laughs over the smoothed-out jazz-funk "Best One," then sheepishly adds, "I love you." Sure, Yes Lawd! is a frothy confection, but Paak delivers outrageous lines with such winning charisma that you can't help but love it. And on "Khadijah," where he searches for nirvana in the arms of his wife, he suggests that he knows there are more important things in the world than having a partner that knows how to cook grits. M.R.

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