20 Best R&B Albums of 2015

The Weeknd, Erykah Badu, Janet Jackson and more

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Jeremih, 'Late Nights: The Album'

11. Jeremih, 'Late Nights: The Album'

Jeremih Felton's second official full-length is earnestly salacious and boldly romantic — a rarity, even for R&B. On "Planez," his tongue-trippin' freak-rap instantly lifts you up 35,000 feet; then on "Oui," he asserts, "My baby knows, where my baby goes, I go," before yelping "Ah yeah!" and free-associating in tribute. Skin-tingling with the gulps and slurps and licks of orgiastic after-parties, Late Nights: The Album refines the maximal, risqué risks of his career-making 2012 mixtape (also titled Late Nights), and cuts through the hypnotic fog of last year's art-trap EP No More. Even when the singer tires on the aching "Worthy," he's never dismissive or brutish. And unlike the Weeknd's crass, morning-after gloom-view, acoustic closer "Paradise" unfurls a choral backdrop of strings and piano for a cozy comedown. C.A.

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