20 Best R&B Albums of 2014

The year in tough lovers, elusive chanteuses, purple royalty and more

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Trey Songz, 'Trigga'

13. Trey Songz, 'Trigga'

Only a decade ago, it was near impossible to find R&B and hip-hop casanovas talking about anything beyond their own dicks. But ever since this album was released in July, it's been impossible to let go of the fact that the very first song, "Cake," is about anilingus. Songz is more Ginuwine than R. Kelly, an advocate of mutual titillation who is sometimes willing to be submissive. Like most records premised on straight male virility, Trigga has weak moments — "fuck 'em all the time, but you know I never wife 'em," he sings, presumptively, on "Dead Wrong." But, in the video for Trigga's first single, "Na Na," Songz does gym circuits led by Instagram fitness models — unquestionably, quite literally, strong women. And, on the saccharine pop of "Touchin', Lovin'" he's corrected by a flip Nicki Minaj: "Sometimes I tell 'em I love 'em, 'cause I just wanna fuck 'em." A.M.

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