20 Best R&B Albums of 2014

The year in tough lovers, elusive chanteuses, purple royalty and more

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Prince, 'Art Official Age'

2. Prince, 'Art Official Age'

The operative word here, frankly, is "bonkers," from the sci-fi conceit (which involves telepathy and a sexy-computer-lady narrator and a 45-year journey to "a place that doesn't require time") to the gonzo-funk template, as though the objective here was to triangulate George Clinton and Philip K. Dick. Mission accomplished! There are also plenty of fluffy sex jams on this thing, playfully nodding to everything from everyone's second-favorite Chapelle's Show impersonation ("Breakfast Can Wait") to everyone's favorite Twitter hashtag ("This Could Be Us"). But it's the sad, regretful, almost-but-not-quite introspective jams that are the most striking, like "Way Back Home," with its thesis of "Most people in this world were born dead/But I was born alive." It ain't 1984 anymore, but Prince is as weird, and as alive, as ever. R.H.

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