20 Best Pop Albums of 2017

Kesha, Harry, Taylor and more of the year in hooks

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Tove Lo, 'Blue Lips'

13. Tove Lo, 'Blue Lips'

Tove Lo is not subtle. The Swedish pop star's carnal demands are so raw and raunchy that she makes K. Michelle sound like Taylor Swift (some lyrics from "Disco Tits": "I'm fully charged/Nipples are hard/Ready to go"). Lo swaggers through a world of dreamy synth whooshes and sleazily skittering beats, boasting of her bisexual prowess on "Bitches" ("Bitches, I don't trust 'em/But they give me what I want for the night") and trying to determine whether the high she experiences on "Romantics" is the chemical effect of lust or drugs. Under all that dirty talk, though, there are hints of vulnerability and a desire for emotional openness – or, as she puts it, "The struggle is real/When you don't tell me how you feel." K.H.

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