20 Best Metal Albums of 2017

Hardcore trailblazers, longform doom and genre-bending savagery: the year in heavy

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Electric Wizard, 'Wizard Bloody Wizard'

18. Electric Wizard, 'Wizard Bloody Wizard'

The odds of Electric Wizard ever making a return to the druggy, lo-fi sonic morass of 2000's legendary Dopethrone are mighty slim, though that never seems to stop their fans from pining for it. Instead, these English doom-masters are still serving up plenty of Hammer horror-inspired lyrical imagery and bummer-inducing blues riffs. Wizard Bloody Wizard finds the band boiling their Sabbath-inspired attack down to its bare, glistening bones, with only the swaggering "Necromania" and the wah-laced occult epic "Mourning of the Magicians" deviating from the menacing, nihilistic trudge of tracks like "See You in Hell" and "Hear the Sirens Scream." D.E.

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