20 Best Metal Albums of 2017

Hardcore trailblazers, longform doom and genre-bending savagery: the year in heavy

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Body Count, 'Bloodlust'

16. Body Count, 'Bloodlust'

Thanks to today's uniquely fucked-up cultural climate, the palpable rage at their heart of Body Count's curdled thrashcore feels more relevant than ever. On the first track alone, Ice-T takes a verbal blowtorch to racism, classism, the press, politicians, police and more while his band unleashes a mudslide behind him. From there, things only get more bleak. There are spoken-word interludes that try for interior exploration, but in truth there's little looking inward on Bloodlust; it's all lashing out. Cuts like "No Lives Matter" and "This Is Why We Ride" telegraph that fury and despair, but it's closing track "Black Hoodie," a modern-day "Cop Killer" dropping the listener smack in the middle of a senseless slaughter, that feels the most immediate and grim. "I've been talking about this shit for over 20 years," Ice remarks early in the song. "Are you fucking serious?" R.B.

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