20 Best Metal Albums of 2016

Vintage thrashers, modern mathletes and more: The year in heavy

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Frontierer, 'Orange Mathematics'

14. Frontierer, 'Orange Mathematics'

Released as a rapid Bandcamp sensation in late 2015 but repressed in a small-run bonus-track-appended CD, pan-continental tech-scuzz combo Frontierer prove there's still bloody steps to lurch beyond Dillinger Escape Plan and Meshuggah. Besides their brain-boggling mathcore fireworks display, Frontierer coat their debut, Orange Mathematics, with a disgusting, distorted level of grit closer to noise and power electronics. Guitarist Pedram Valiani has a unique approach to his instrument, making it whine and drone and divebomb and whirr like power tools and hang in the air like tinnitus. Who knows where they may go after this turbulent 52-minute ride to an uglier, heavier, more extreme metal: Frontierer picked up a drummer and in 2017 will soon play their second show ever. C.W.

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