20 Best Metal Albums of 2014

The year in heavy from Scott to Slipknot

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Scott Walker + SunnO))), 'Soused'

5. Scott Walker + SunnO))), 'Soused'

On the five-song Soused, long-running avant-crooner Scott Walker teams up with glacial sludge duo SunnO))) for a perfect blend of two different yet complimentary ideas about What Makes Something Heavy. On songs like "Brando" and "Herod 2014," Walker’s three-penny operatic voice belts like a secular muezzin calling the faithful to pray while SunnO))) opens up the earth with drone and scrape. Though on "Lullaby," the way Walker sings "too-night…" like he’s about to break into West Side Story reminds you that he might not be taking all this capital-A Art as seriously as his fans might think. J.G.

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