20 Best Metal Albums of 2013

The year's wildest, smartest, most intense heavy music

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Melt-Banana, 'Fetch'
Courtesy of Melt-Banana17/20

17. Melt-Banana, 'Fetch'

Here is where you can hear people yelling, "OK, they're really not metal" but we can make room for Melt-Banana, who used to tour with Dave Witte, one of the greatest metal drummers who's ever lived, as a bandmember. On Fetch, the band is reduced to the duo of pedal-hopping guitarist Agata, singer Yasuko Onuki, the undisputed queen of chirp, and a drum machine that does things Man was not meant to do. Onuki is the tiny bird careening around the Tokyo electrical grid, squeaking with every feedback surge and digital blurt.

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