20 Best Metal Albums of 2013

The year's wildest, smartest, most intense heavy music

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Gorguts, 'Colored Sands'
Courtesy of Season of Mist5/20

5. Gorguts, 'Colored Sands'

Avant-metal radicals Gorguts took 12 years off and came back as heroes of weird metal, thanks to the technical death-metal tangents they indulge throughout Colored Sands. Some of the credit for that should go to the ringers that frontman Luc Lemay hired in 2009 to complete the band's lineup, musicians who have performed fretboard acrobats previously with extreme-metal malcontents like Dysrhythmia and Krallice. They jive with Lemay's vision perfectly on Colored Sands, and together the Quebec crushers bend the rules of metal for a Dadaist approach on the album that's both discomforting and invigorating.

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