20 Best Metal Albums of 2013

The year's wildest, smartest, most intense heavy music

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Earthless, 'From the Ages'
Courtesy of Tee Pee Records8/20

8. Earthless, 'From the Ages'

Despite their far-out band name, Earthless sound born of the Third Stone From the Sun on their third album, locking into Hendrix-inspired grooves and jamming out in a way that's both heavy and somehow separate from the lineage of Black Sabbath. The San Diego instrumental psych-rock trio achieves a groove-y state of mind on each of the album's four, epic-length songs. The 30-minute title track is a trip in itself, if not just for the way it moves from locomotive riffs to an exotic slow section, only to finish with a noisy, metal riff; it's one of the heftiest heavy jams recorded this year.

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