20 Best EDM, Electronic and Dance Albums of 2014

From FlyLo to 'Syro' — the best in beats

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Traxman, 'Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2'

10. Traxman, 'Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2'

Traxman's 2012 debut full-length for British label Planet Mu was an ambitious flashpoint for Chicago's footwork scene of ankle-breaking beats and dances — the veteran DJ/producer collaged an all-encompassing portrait of where the music had been and where it might go. Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2 zooms in on the stark core of his relentless snip-and-tap sampling — warped soul vocals, sputtering percussion, slipping in and out of sync, sometimes playfully, sometimes harshly, doubling back, digging at the groove obsessively. "Make Love to Me" deftly lacerates warm woodwinds and a keening female voice, then peppers them with rhythmic pellets; "Let It Roll Geto" throws a party by bashing a snatch of Eurhythmics "Sweet Dreams" to bits; and "15416" flips a chant, a wail, a trumpet bleat and typewriter snares into a beautifully agitated shuffle. C.A.

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