20 Best EDM, Electronic and Dance Albums of 2014

From FlyLo to 'Syro' — the best in beats

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The Bug, 'Angels and Devils'

18. The Bug, 'Angels and Devils'

As the Bug, London bass explorer Kevin Martin has always repped for dance music's West Indian roots, calling heavily on dancehall, ragga and its later electronic offshoots like trip-hop and dubstep. There's also the rough world of grime, too, and on Angels and Devils, the Bug guides listeners into all of them with a purpose. The first half — the "Angels" portion — mostly features collabs with female guest stars like Copeland, before easing into a churning, faster, more menacing vibe. By the conclusion, things are anxious and creepy (Death Grips show up), the Bug spinning an album-length narrative from some predominantly singles-length forms. A.C.

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