20 Best EDM, Electronic and Dance Albums of 2014

From FlyLo to 'Syro' — the best in beats

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Lee Bannon, 'Alternate/Endings'

15. Lee Bannon, 'Alternate/Endings'

Lee Bannon came to attention as a hip-hop beatmaker with links to Joey Bada$$, but on Alternate/Endings the Cali-based producer comes off like a jungle DJ from the darkest and headiest years of London's storied mid-Nineties drum 'n' bass scene. His style is a bit more processed and tweaked around the edges, but Bannon remains faithful to the sound's all-over abstraction: beats that fly off on crazy vectors and ruffneck vocal adornments that make it clear that more than just empty-headed dancing is the subject at hand. A.B.

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