20 Best EDM, Electronic and Dance Albums of 2014

From FlyLo to 'Syro' — the best in beats

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Bassnectar, 'Noise vs. Beauty'

12. Bassnectar, 'Noise vs. Beauty'

Bassnectar's beautiful dark brostep fantasy is ambitious, conceptual and full of heavy bangers whose power can be felt at any volume. Tracks like "The Future," "You & Me" and "Open Up" envelop with waves of "Runaway" sandpaper synths and hypnotize with thudding, half-time beats. "Now," on the other hand, recruits rapper Rye Rye to see how Baltimore club might sound with Dutch bounce and Atlanta snares. Ignore the title: Rather than enact the opposition between noise and beauty — the masculine drop against the feminine hook — this album challenges it, exploiting the visceral effects of both in the kind of process that old-school dubstep snoots would giddily describe as deconstruction. N.M.

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