20 Best EDM, Electronic and Dance Albums of 2014

From FlyLo to 'Syro' — the best in beats

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Aphex Twin, 'Syro'

4. Aphex Twin, 'Syro'

Though the annoying viral stunts felt hopelessly modern, on his first album in 13 years, Richard D. James partied like it was 1995 — a time when his music was possibly the most futuristic thing around. It's all there, like an old, very eccentric friend — the familiar drum stutter, the blorping bass lines that distend like Flubber, the venomous acid riffs, even the pastoral Satie-style piano closer. Though everyone from Skrillex ("Doompy Poomp") to Deadmau5 ("Superbia") to Thom Yorke ("Nose Grows Some") borrowed a little of Aphex Twin this year, this reliable comeback record was 64 minutes of the real, unfiltered glitchy deal. C.W.

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